Adorable 3-Year-Old Loves Sports a Bit Too Much (VIDEO)

We all love to pass our interests on to our kids. I would adore it if some day my little girl is really into running and I am sure my husband would love it if either our son or our daughter wanted to get their private pilot license like him. But teaching our kids to love our things can also backfire when they become too emotionally involved.

This adorable toddler is broken hearted that her beloved Minnesota Vikings lost a game to the Green Bay Packers and it's both really cute and somewhat disturbing to see. Obviously, this isn't something she came to naturally, right? This is something her mom or dad pushed.

See below:


I totally feel her pain. This is why I don't get into sports. Too much emotional pain! I can't stand to see teams I love lose and I can't stand to see my team win because I feel sorry for the other team (I have issues). 

Little kids are so vulnerable to this kind of devastation, and as a Boston Red Sox fan, I know enough not to let my kids get too into them. They really will break your heart.

As a parent, my job is to protect my kids, so while her passion is totally adorable and she is probably a Vikings fan for life, this will never be my kid. There is too much opportunity for heartbreak and too little for real reward if you aren't actually playing the game.

Do you let your kids get into sports on TV?


Image via YouTube

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