Toddler With Evil Laugh Might Conquer Us All (VIDEO)

evil baby laughThat poor, poor person. I suspect they thought they were just going for a joy ride on the dining room table when things suddenly turned deadly. One minute they were feeling the cool wind in their plastic hair, the next they're plummeting to their gruesome death three feet below. But this was no accident. Behind the drama is an evil toddler with an even more evil laugh. Don't be fooled by her adorable haircut and cute, chubby little hands -- she's a real megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to prove to the toy car community that she's in charge.

What a piece of work. 


I happened to watch this awesome 9-second video before bed last night and the toddler haunted my dreams. Everywhere I went, there she was, lurking in the corner, playing God, waiting to kill me. I wanted to give her a lollipop, she wanted to give me a death sentence. I woke up in a cold sweat, thanking my lucky stars that it was just a dream. Sadly, the unfortunate toy cannot say the same, its demise was real. The last sound it heard before crashing into the carpet was a laugh so maniacal, so wicked that I can only imagine what those last few horrifying seconds were like before the collision with the rug.

If you're afraid of babies, I recommend you don't watch this video. It will just exacerbate things. They're certainly scary little people whose hubris knows no bounds, but this young one really takes it to the next level. If you're feeling brave, watch the clip like hundreds of thousands of people have done before you and stay strong. You can get through this.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the dead toys.


Photo via YouTube

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