Hilarious 'MILF' Video Makes the Term Almost Tolerable (VIDEO)

I have such a love/hate relationship with the term MILF (Mom I'd Like to F*ck, for those not in the know). It's a compliment, in a way. It means you're still vital, still sexy, and still hot even after popping out a couple kids. On the other hand, it's so ... icky and vulgar. And kind of insulting.

Hear me out: When you're an attractive woman, you're compared against all other attractive women. You either are or you aren't. Meanwhile, a "MILF" implies something else. It implies you're attractive in spite of something or that you're pretty for a mom. I hate that. 

Despite the fact that MILF isn't my favorite term, I still found this Katie Goodman Broad Comedy video MILF entertaining. See for yourself:


Moms are still hot. Moms are still vital. Now, as a married mom, I am not exactly out trolling for men, but if I were, I am not sure I would wear the MILF title proudly. It's just a little demeaning. Why is it surprising if a mom is still attractive?

I realize there will come a time, not all that long from now, when no one will be calling me attractive at all. But it's still an ooky term I refuse to embrace or think of myself as being. If other women do, more power to them, but I will keep on trying to achieve just regular old "ILF" status, thank you.

Do you like the term MILF?


Image via YouTube

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