5 Most Annoying Things My Toddler Does

toddler annoyingThere's nothing like a cross-country trip that includes airplanes, taxis, subways, and train rides to bring out the best in a toddler. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone in the tri-state area thinks my toddler is the greatest kid who has ever lived. Unless my "annoying toddler" radar is way off, which it obviously is.

I mean, yelling and gesturing at a completely packed Manhattan-bound F train, "Everybody get out of my way!" is pretty cute. To me, but totally not to anyone else. So that might go in the negative column if you're, say, the hipster he's directing his toddler rage at ... and dramatically.

No matter how adorable I believe my little boy is, some of you are just not going to agree. But here are a few things we will agree on when it comes to the most annoying things that kid does.


1. Terrorizing your pets -- In fact, I just had to take a break to pull his little arms off a bird cage he was shaking so hard. "Marvin" believes he just lived through another East Coast earthquake.

2. No volume control -- In addition to the above mentioned subway explosion, my little dude believes the world is his audience and projects like nobody's business. Maybe that makes your ear drums vibrate as well?

3. Busts up toys -- Again, this post was interrupted because he destroyed a very special remote-controlled dog toy that another little girl got when she went to Disneyland. Nice going, champ! They don't live a few miles away from D-Land. Which means, we're going to be going back to the most magical place on earth whether we like it or not.

4. Picky eating -- It's epic, you guys. So much so that I'm praying that string cheese he had for dinner holds him until the morning. It won't.

5. Pooping at unexpected moments -- Now that he's gone down for the night, I'm pretty sure he'll be screaming as soon as that load hits his drawers.

What are the most annoying things your toddler does? Please share.


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