Adorable Boy Dances While Doing Chores (VIDEO)

It's extremely difficult to get children to want to do chores. There are a million other things most kids would rather do with their day than wash the dishes or mop the floors. The trick -- as any good parent knows -- is to incentivize the task. But how does a good parent do that?

This adorable video shows a little boy doing chores the fun way. He dances to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." And while he is getting the job done, he is also having a blast. It's too bad his dad had to come and ruin it all!

Here is the video:


Is there anyone more adorable than this kid? Not only does he so have moves like Jagger (maybe even better), he is also just cute and hilarious.

His dad, however, does him a bit of a disservice. As a mom I totally understand and relate to the desire to tape whatever adorable activity a child is doing when they think they have privacy. But the little boy in this video does what most little kids would do. He gets embarrassed.

It's OK and it's cute, but I hope it doesn't discourage him. I hope he gets that what he is doing is great and funny and creative and that he is good at it, too. Because he is. Sometimes we parents accidentally do things to discourage our children inadvertently that we would never otherwise do on purpose.

If this little boy stops dancing, it would be very sad. But something tells me that with his moves, this isn't something that will end any time soon.

Do you catch your kids doing things like this?


Image via YouTube

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