How to Keep Your Kid From Getting Kicked Off a Plane

getting kicked off a plane
Don't worry, I can fly us to New York
Whether you felt the toddler deserved it, or still can't believe no one was fired when a mom and her little boy were kicked off a plane, we can all agree that we never want to see this happen in our own family. Since I have a particularly verbose toddler, and we're boarding a cross-country flight this week, it's on my mind constantly. I'm truly frightened of the havoc my two-and-a-half-year-old might cause because that kid is active, talkative, and airplane seats cannot contain that boy.

But since I'm already committed to not leaving my child behind every time I go somewhere, I've got some tricks up my sleeve when the excitement of being on an airplane wanes, and reality kicks in. Ugly, ugly, reality.

Here's my emergency toddler travel preparedness list.


The Childhood Songbook

Before you travel anywhere study up on your "Wheels on the Bus," "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" collection. Because a familiar kid song sung softly into a toddler's ear can be the difference between nap time and screaming time.

Any Food He Wants

I don't care if it's loaded with fat, sugar (although probably not sugar if you've got one of those kids that goes nuts on a sugar high), or some food you're morally opposed to -- stuff kids full of food so they are comfortable. Over-stuffing could even bring sleep. Blessed, blessed, sleep.

iPhone, iPad, Any cutely named electronic

Load up your digital device with movies, games, talking cats, really anything. I don't care if my kid has to wind up looking at my cooking apps, he will be entertained by the magic screen. Even if that means six hours of screen time and it stunts his growth. We're talking emergency here, people.

Singing songs repeatedly, loading up your kids on carbs, and letting them zone out in front of screens may sound like failed parenting. But getting kicked off a flight because your kid can't hang -- well, that's much, much, worse. Don't worry, the holidays will be all over in 55 days.

How do you handle travel with your little kids?

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