There's Nothing Wrong With Your Toddler Having a Facebook Page

toddler computerI'm relieved to report that I don't actually know any parents guilty of creating a Facebook profile for their toddler. Relieved because if I did, I would feel obliged to "friend" the kid and comment on their precocious posts (which of course are actually mom and dad's handiwork, which is unsettling). But even though I don't want to deal with anybody else's toddler's profile and would never have made Facebook profiles for my kids when they were younger, I kind of understand how it happens.

When you're a new (or relatively new) parent, it's almost as if you're perpetually starstruck. Every day -- not to mention night -- of your life revolves around this tiny person, who's simultaneously the most charming human being you've ever met and the most demanding pain in the neck you've ever dealt with.

It's basically like your toddler is the hottest celeb around and you're a member of his devoted entourage.


It's easy to forget, during that phase of parenthood, that unlike the hottest celeb around, the world at large is not in fact all that interested in your toddler's every move.

If you post a pic of your toddler wearing a certain brand of diaper, for example, sales of said diaper will not skyrocket as a result.

The word "giraffe" won't immediately start trending after you change your toddler's status update to Just chillin' on the couch with a blankie and my stuffed giraffe, love my life!

Don't be insulted; it's not that nobody cares. Everybody cares. But everybody is busy, too, and has less time and patience for your clever faux-toddlerisms than they would for just a picture of your kid posted on YOUR profile.

Unless, of course, you set up your child's Facebook page solely as a means of entertainment for his grandma. Because grandparents eat this stuff up with a spoon.

Would you create a Facebook profile for your toddler?


Image via Ben Jordan/Flickr

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