Military Dad Makes Toddler Most Amazing Bedtime Video (VIDEO)

military dad bedtime storyI sent this video to a few friends this morning, and the general response was "I can't." Maybe my friends need to expand their vocabs and learn to use their words, or maybe it's just that the video is so simply adorable, heartwarming, and sad that it renders all who watch speechless. It's possible that's the case -- it really is quite something. Check it.

A deployed military dad pre-recorded himself reading bedtime stories to his 2-year-old daughter. Performing Farmer Mickey, the dad does such a great job that his sweet daughter may or may not understand that the exchange isn't in real time.


She sits three inches from the flat computer screen and smiles the whole time. She asks him questions (which he obviously can't answer) and she hangs on every word. Her face is totally lit up and you can tell she's so happy to see her daddy. My heartstrings were pulled so hard, I did a face-plant on the floor. Good stuff.

But it gets worse. Well, it gets better, but worse for those of you like me whose body can't handle all the cuteness. At the end of the video, they virtual hug and she embraces the computer like it's daddy himself.

What a wonderful idea this was -- so creative, easy, and thoughtful! I hope these two are reunited soon and get to have real, in person bedtime storytime soon. I can't tell where the dad was deployed or what branch of the military he's in (can you?), but maybe, just maybe, he'll be home for the holidays in time to read The Night Before Christmas.

Watch the video and tell me what you think. So cute right? I ... can't.

Do you like this idea?


Photo via YouTube

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