Some Moms Get Way Too Dolled Up for School Drop-Off

designer clothesDo you dress to the nines to drop your kid off at school? Do you slip on your Prada jacket over your $400 jeans and teeter along in your Christian Louboutin pumps (making sure all the other moms see a flash of those tell-tale red soles) before handing over your son or daughter's backpack and kissing him or her goodbye?

Yeah, me neither.

I just got back from dropping off my kid at school, and you know what I wore? The same not-terribly-clean pair of jeans I wore yesterday (no time to do laundry) and a T-shirt that has to be at least 10 years old under a hoodie, topped off by the fleece my husband had left lying on the chair closest to the front door. Oh, and a pair of slip-on sneakers I snagged last season on sale for $10.
Is my crappy drop-off fashion sense unusual?


According to an alarming trend piece in The New York Times, yes! Moms in the fashion mecca that is Manhattan are apparently now finding designer togs de rigueur for school drop-off and pickup, prompting even celebrity parents like Brooke Shields to gripe, "Look: I’m a mom, I’m tired. I don’t feel like dressing up.”

When Brooke Shields -- the woman who made expensive designer jeans famous -- is complaining that school pickup fashion pressure is too much, it's a sign that things have gotten a little out of hand.

Look, I'm all for women being able to express themselves through their clothing. If it makes these women feel good to throw on designer outfits that are worth more than my car for the stroll to school and back, on some level I say, sure, fine, whatever floats your boat.

But I hate the idea of moms judging each other based on the labels tucked under their necklines and on the soles of their shoes and the pockets of their jeans and handbags.

We've got children to raise, jobs to do, households to run. Who has time to shop the sample sales and high-end retail establishments for the latest "It" bag and the jean trend of the moment? (I can barely find time to throw in a load of laundry most weeks!)

And what message are we sending our kids? That the labels on our clothes define us? That our value is proportional to the price of the purse we carry?

Ugh. Count me out. I'll stick to my ragtag look. And if other moms judge me for it, well, I guess that's OK. We probably don't have that much in common, anyway.

Do you dress up for school drop-off and pickup?


Image via Noemi Manalang/Flickr

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