Adorable Toddler Twin Makes Daring Crib Escape! (VIDEO)

twins in cribAh, the secret lives of toddlers. The funny things they do when they're right in front of you are nothing compared to the hilarity that ensues when they think nobody's watching! It's amazing how fast those little stinkers figure out how and when to be sneaky, isn't it?

The mischievous twins in this video are definitely on their way to mastering the art of dirty deeds done on the down low. Or one of them is, anyway. The other twin is clearly destined to be the lookout. The balance kind of makes these toddlers perfect partners in crime.

Especially since the first twin is already learning such advanced techniques as destroying the evidence!


I have no doubt these two keep their mother on her toes, but as a mom whose kids are past this phase, their adorable antics actually make me miss having a toddler. Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

Check out this video and admit it: 

Isn't having toddlers a blast?

Image via YouTube

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