Your Kid Has Weird Friends—Or Maybe Your Kid Is the Weird Friend

WeirdOK, so can we just talk candidly, one mom to another? Does your kid have a bestie that you — quiet as it’s kept — just don’t care for? It’s not that they’re especially rude or obnoxious or anything. You can’t even really articulate what it is that doesn’t jive with you. It’s just that something about them strikes you as kind of ... odd. Unsettling. Weird. Maybe even nerve-grating.

But as a mature grown-up all wrapped up in her motherly martyr role, you can’t turn your nose up at them and you surely can’t say anything that even hints at your dislike. So you suck it up in traditional mom fashion. Until your kid starts showing clear signs that Strange Kid is having an influence on them instead of the much-preferred opposite.  


Of this much you can be sure: if it should ever slip, even subtly, that you’re not a fan of Odd Fellow (or Fellette), you can almost guarantee that that child will become the hottest trendsetter on the planet according to your kid. The same reason they run when you tell them to walk, the same reason they wear a short-sleeved tee when you suggest it’s time to break out the sweaters is the same reason they’ll cling closer to their pal, partly to spite you and partly to prove that you’re wrong about them in the first place. It’s the Murphy’s Law of motherhood. So naturally, you can’t say anything.

Still, it’s hard to choke down those incessant comments from your kid about how Frankie has this or Gertrude is allowed to do that when it’s all you can do to stifle a scream. You want so badly to tell them that whatever they’re envying doesn’t make up for the child being an odd duck. Maybe they don’t take showers. Maybe they cling to your kid and, although it doesn’t seem to faze your son or daughter, the lack of personal space irks you. Maybe they torture insects in the backyard and have a fascination with fire.

Whatever it is that makes your intuition jump, this is one thing that’s not worth mentioning. You’re just going to have to play wait-and-see. This bad seed might have power over how your kid’s social life shakes out. So bite your tongue and see how they handle it for themselves.

Has your child ever had a friend you thought was just strange?

Image via meddygarnet/Flickr

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