My Son Is Obsessed With Firemen & I Love It

At some point, it seems every toddler boy becomes obsessed with firemen. My son fell fast and hard the first time we ever went to the fire station and he has never recovered. Even now, two years later, he has worn through six pairs of fire boots and he wears his fire hat everywhere.

The boy loves firemen. He wants to be one. We go to the firehouse every other day. He can't get enough.

As such, I have learned a thing or two about where to get the best fire things. We've had a fireman-themed birthday party and we pretty much eat, sleep, live, and breathe firemen up in here.


I believe in nurturing children's interests (er, obsessions), and even though my son insists on wearing his fire helmet every day and sleeping beside it, I still encourage this love. Passion helps drive success, after all. As a parent, it's my job to foster that passion and help it grow so that someday, it might really become something.

My son might be a fire chief someday or maybe he will be a fire inspector or an architect who designs fire-proof buildings or any other thing in the world. But I like helping foster his interests and seeing where they lead. For now, this means owning 15 firetrucks of varying sizes (yes, seriously) and visiting the fire station every other day. But we also have a lot of firefighter-themed books and other things.

Here are some of our favorite items:

Morf shirt: This shirt is really the ultimate in any little firefighter's collection. It's made of soft cotton, but it also has the trifecta -- hose, uniform, and helmet -- all on one shirt. They sent me a sample and my son is madly in love as you can see above.

Firetruck bed: This firetruck bed would be my son's ideal. Unfortunately, we have other bed plans for him, but I wish this could be the one.

Firetruck lamp: My son loves this lamp. The downside: He tries to drive it.

Firetruck bookshelf: This bookshelf is a little outside our budget, but pretty awesome all the same.

Firehouse dollhouse: My son has this and he loves it. It sits on the table next to my daughter's dollhouse and the two of them play very elaborate games in their little "town."


What is your fave firefighter item?


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