Flower Girl Hushes Minister During Wedding Vows (VIDEO)

Bossy Flower GirlI am the least "girly" female on the planet. And yet I held out the fervent hope as a tot that someday someone would make me their flower girl. Considering the first wedding I ever attended was my own, suffice it to say it never happened.

I have pretended that I forgot about having been deprived of this little girl pleasure until the video of a child in a flouncy white dress admonishing everyone in the church to Shhh! made its way into my email inbox. This spunky little thing must have gotten some very specific instructions from her mom about staying quiet, because she is trying to keep everyone's voices down. Even the minister's! Hey, at least she's behaving!


THIS is why I have held on to the flower girl wish. They are the sole creatures who steal attention away from the bride and get away with it! I'm actually feeling guilty for not giving a little girl the chance to play this role in my wedding.

And now for the kind of confession that doesn't sound like something half the women in America have been holding on to for 20 years: I have transferred this desire on to my daughter. Full on crappy mom living her dreams through her kid here. Someone has to get married before I throw her in a white dress and crash some stranger's wedding!

OK, I'm not that psycho. But have I ever thought of befriending some innocent early 20-something just so I'd have a chance at ingratiating myself and my gorgeous little blondie? No comment.

Has your munchkin been a flower girl? Think she'd have the wherewithal to behave on the altar?


Image via YouTube

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