Toddler's Batman Costume Makes Him Better Than Christian Bale (VIDEO)

Little BatmanHere's proof you don't need to shell out all sorts of dough on elaborate Halloween costume for your kids. Sometimes the simplest things can transform them, because their imagination is the most powerful (and most adorable) prop they can have.

Take Teddy, the boy in the following video. He doesn't even have his Halloween costume yet, rather just a pair of Batman pajamas. But those alone are enough give him superpowers, super muscles, and the ability to fight crime (and probably sleep) with zest. Check him out:


Those are the best muscles I've ever seen, and his expressions are priceless. Christian Bale has nothing on him. Even if that's all he wears for a costume, he's going to cash in on the candy and have just as much fun as if he had any fancy costume. For my daughter, all she needs is a tin foil crown to turn her into a princess, a bone (aka a pretzel) to make her into a puppy, or a makeshift tutu to transform her into a ballerina -- any day of the year. Who cares if no one else knows what she is, she does.

While I get all excited flipping through the catalogs of realistic Halloween costumes for my kids and have purchased more than a few, my favorites are those that might require a bit more explanation to the average eye. So if you still haven't purchased your kid's costume, maybe it's time to just look around at where your kids find their everyday superpowers and let their imaginations lead the way to Halloween fun

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do their costumes transform them in some way?

Image via YouTube

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