Daddy Does Not 'Babysit' His Kids When He Is With Them

Ben Affleck was spotted out last weekend while his pregnant wife Jennifer Garner presumably took a "break" from her children, 5 and 2. It's all good and Affleck is clearly a doting dad.

So why does The Daily Mail say he is "babysitting" his kids? In one of the photos of the star with his children, it says he was "on babysitting duty" all weekend. Of course, when a photo of Garner with her two children surfaces, no one would dare say such a thing. Mom isn't "babysitting," she is doing what she is supposed to be doing -- taking care of her children.

Maybe I am being pedantic and silly, but ignoring such a comment seems like accepting it. And it's really not acceptable.


I once went to see a doctor who described his weekend as "full of babysitting." When I said how nice it was that he babysat for kids, he said they were his. He described himself as "babysitting" for his own kids. If my own husband did such a thing, I would be sad.

Sure, say you're on "kid duty" or "hanging with the little ones" or whatever "cool" way a man wants to describe his time with his children. But "babysitting"? No thanks.

Obviously, I know Affleck didn't say this himself. This was the wording the tabloids used. But still. It isn't pleasant or nice to see that anyone thinks a dad "babysits." A sitter gets to go home at night to a child-free (sometimes) home. They get to go out whenever they want and live their own life.

A dad gets none of those things. "Babysitting" is his life.

Do you like when guys say this?


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