Adorable 5-Year-Old Makeup Guru Gives Us Halloween Tips (VIDEO)

madison makeup guruHalloween is just around the corner, good friends, and I've been toying with a few costume ideas. Dead zombie? Donut? Princess Beatrice? But after I saw Madison's latest video, I was inspired. She's really taught me a thing or two about applying makeup and about overall cuteness, so I think I might honor her this October 31 by being a sunflower.

Not familiar with Madison, the 5-year-old makeup guru? She's pretty much 1,000 percent adorable and I'm addicted to her. Wait. That sounds bad. I'm addicted to her videos? No, that's not good either. Bah, you know what I'm saying. I enjoy watching a first grader teach me how to face paint because gosh darn it if it doesn't warm my heart and brighten my day (and my makeup skillz). Chicka chika wow wow!


Madison's been prepping for Halloween for a while now -- she first posted a Halloween makeup tutorial on her, ahem, YouTube account, back in May. What a little planner! She was a pirate back then, but her latest post is about how to do makeup if you wanna be a sunflower.

Pirate? Sunflower. Pirate? Sunflower. Pirate? Sun ... I think I still wanna be Princess Beatrice. However! I'm glad I have the knowledge and the know-how to do makeup for anyone who wants to be one of Madison's ideas. I will not be as cute as her doing the makeup, but I can do a pretty good fake lisp, if that helps.

As a side note: It's kind of amazing how different Maddy is from the May video to the September one. They grow up so fast! In May she seemed still a bit babyish, but now? Girl's a full-on person. She speaks more clearly, she seems more alert and cognisant of the camera, and I'll be darned if her work hasn't improved.

In any case, watch Madison's makeup lessons and just revel in her adorableness. Happy Halloween everyone! Chika chika wow wow!

Madison's lesson on how to do an eye patch from May:

And now her latest video on how to be a sunflower from September:

How cute is she?


Photo via YouTube

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