How Jennifer Garner Explained 'Thongs' to Daughter Violet

jennifer garnerKids say the darndest things, they really do. And they don't pull any punches, not even when they're talking about how mom looks in a thong. Just ask Jennifer Garner, who recently told Ellen DeGeneres about the moment 5-year-old daughter Violet decided it was time to level with her mommy about a ... growing problem.

See, as you're probably already aware, Garner and husband Ben Affleck are expecting their third child (no word yet on whether this new addition will be a boy or another girl). So, you know, even though Garner looks great, her body is expanding accordingly.

But it's one body part in particular that has Violet concerned.


Apparently Violet followed Garner into the bathroom recently ("You know how once you have kids, you never pee by yourself again," said Garner) and caught a glimpse of her mom's rather skimpy undergarments.

"She goes, 'Oh, Mom. We have to have a talk. Mom, your bottom has gotten so big that your panties don't even begin to cover it,'" recalled Garner, who was then forced to clue her daughter in to the existence of The Thong. 

"You wear it when you get older," Garner said.

Violet's reaction?

"Oh, that is so gross."

Out of the mouths of babes! Such a wise little thing. And nice job looking out for Mommy! You know, you can't count on too many people in life to be honest with you when your rear view is getting a little outta control. This kid might have a future as a personal trainer, or perhaps a lingerie designer.

Either way, I'm sure she'll make sure Garner gets her pre-baby bod back in no time.

Has your kid ever made a comment like the one Violet made to Jennifer Garner?


Image via Karon Liu/Flickr

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