Letting Your First Kid Name the New Baby Is the Best Idea Ever

big sisterBig parenting question of the moment: Should you let your older child or children name the new baby? To me, the answer is an obvious "yes."

Or perhaps I should say the answer is yes, but be sure to read the fine print.

My daughter was 4 years old when my son was born; I know the crazy rollercoaster of emotions older siblings go through when the spotlight shifts to the new kid on the block.

But if I had to pick, I'd say that more than anything, big sisters and brothers struggle with feeling left out.


So giving them such a major role to play in the life of this new addition to your family is, in my opinion, a brilliant way to foster the bond between them. They're too young to really help take care of the baby (apart from handing you the occasional diaper) and they're too old to get the same level of attention as a newborn. Choosing a name is a big, important job they can actually handle.

I know, I know ... you don't really want to name your son Thomas the Tank Engine. Naturally. That's where the fine print comes in. Tell your kid that he might have to think of lots of names so mommy and daddy can vote for their favorite. You can even look at baby name books together and steer him in your preferred direction.

The coolest thing is, this connection will last for your children's entire lives. And for the younger one, it's a great answer for the ubiquitous "Why did your parents choose your name?" question. ("Uh, I guess they liked it?")

Anyway, no matter what your kid comes up with, it won't be as weird as Moroccan Scott.

Would you let your older child name the new baby?


Image via Big Ben/Flickr

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