30 Things to Do With Your Kids on a Rainy Day

rainy dayAs much as I adore my children, sometimes the thought of being stuck with them inside for entire days when it rains can be a bit daunting. All that time to fill and all that energy to direct to things other than tormenting their siblings can be overwhelming.

The best way I've found to help avoid confinement crack-ups is to -- like the best Boy Scouts -- be prepared. Having a go-to list you can whip out to help whip up some fun for everyone will help you avoid the rainy day blues. Here are 30 things to do with your kids on rainy days.


1. Have a board game marathon.

2. Make your own board game.

3. Build a fort.

4. Paint.

5. Read.

6. Make up and perform a play.

7. Make paper chains.

8. Write letters (actual ones on paper) to mail to grandma, grandpa, and other relatives.

9. Make homemade play dough.

10. Play Charades.

11. Get out the video camera and interview your kids or have them sing their favorite songs.

12. Look at old pictures.

13. Watch old video tapes.

14. Bake some cookies or other yummy dessert.

15. Tie dye t-shirts.

16. Go bowling.

17. Visit a museum.

18. Make paper airplanes.

19. Teach your kids/give them a refresher course in what they should do in case of a fire. Have your own fire drill.

20. Play in the garage.

21. Go to the library.

22. Clean out their toys. Together decide which to keep and which to donate to charity.

23. Go outside and jump in puddles.

24. Go worm hunting.

25. Make soup.

26. Dance party!

27. Have a swim party in the bathtub complete with swimsuits, goggles, and toys (bonus: you can count it as a bath too).

28. Build a card house.

29. Do a science experiment, like tornado in a bottle.

30. Nap.

What are your favorite rainy day activities?

Image via John-Morgan/Flickr

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