Prejudice Against Pregnant Women Who Show Off Baby Belly Is Growing

pregnant woman
Disgusting and offensive?!
Some of us looove to blame other people for our own feelings. Like a tattletale toddler, we shout, "It's HER fault!" left and right. My eyes don't roll back in my head nearly as often as they used to since I've started to feel sorry for and understand why some people have these defense mechanisms in place.

However, I came across some new guilt-placing lately that really baffled me. Women have been sharing pictures of their pregnant bellies online ... nothing new, right? Women love painting their bellies or showing the growth. What I was not expecting was a rash of negativity against them, ranging from "it's disgusting" to "it's cruel and makes me feel bad."


This isn't just in one place -- it's popping up all over -- on Facebook, on blogs. Some of the comments I've seen were really rather shocking. I'm going to paraphrase ...

  • "It's not the belly that's beautiful, it's what's inside, but I hate seeing a pregnant belly hanging out -- eww!"
  • "Baby bumps are personal and special and should be kept private and hidden and safe. Your baby is more important than anything and shouldn't be shown off for everyone to see."
  • "I can't have children but it really peeves me to see baby bumps on display."


Some of these women even said they are mothers. Am I the only one totally baffled by this? I mean, really, since when is a pregnant woman photographing her own belly and proudly showing it off an insult? Should pictures of your pregnant belly be hidden?

I understand that often people get upset hearing about breastfeeding success when they still have negative feelings about their own experience, and for women who've had traumatic births, reading about super happy births can sometimes stir up their wishes that their own birth had been different. But in both of those situations, isn't it better to allow women who are happy to be happy, and not insist that their happiness is a personal affront?

I can't imagine what I'd do if I posted a pregnant belly picture and someone told me it "peeved them" and I should "keep it private." Oh wait, yes I can imagine ... I'd stop sharing my special things with them, since obviously they have too many issues of their own to deal with. Eek.

Are you offended by pregnant belly pictures? Do you think they should be private?


Image via davhor/Flickr

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