Gorgeous Pregnancy Book Puts My Crappy Maternity Photos to Shame (PHOTOS)

According to the press release, the subject of a new pregnancy photography book, Evolve, a Woman's Journey, is "both a study of the myriad of internal and external experiences many pregnant women go through, and a celebration of the supremely powerful process of creating life."

Sure, okay. I don't know about all them purty words, but I do know that the book looks absolutely amazing. Each woman was chosen for her unique circumstance and the challenges she overcame during pregnancy, and the results look simply phenomenal. 

It's almost enough to make a person a little embarrassed about her own maternity photos. But not too embarrassed to compare and contrast for your amusement, of course! Here's how my pregnancy photos stack up against some of the pictures in this book:



Let's start with the first image I saw from the book's promotional video:

Unbelievable, right? Holy crap, I almost feel like I'm looking in a mirror.

Then there's this beautiful image of a woman's body outlined against the stars:

Nearly as glorious as my own body outlined in a giant unflattering winter coat, right?

How mesmerizing is this woman's form, with all her sensuous curves and muscle? Wow, such a powerful image of strength and beauty.

I think she should have added a hideous pink maternity bathing suit, though. For that extra visual OOMPH, you know?

Lastly, there's this stunning photo of a woman doing a backbend:

I mean, that's pretty nice and all, but I find that an inflatable raft and amateur Photoshop graphics really add to a photo, personally.

In conclusion, I'd like to request a do-over on every single photo that exists of pregnant me. I'd like a professional photographer, I'd like some amazing lighting, and, oh, how about a BODY DOUBLE WHILE WE'RE AT IT.

Since those things aren't quite possible, though, I think I'll be checking out the book ($9.99 for the iBook version!) and enjoying the inspiring photos and stories. And truthfully, every pregnant body looks beautiful to me -- even the less-than-picture-perfect images I shared here.

Images via Linda Sharps, YouTube

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