THIS Type of Mom Has It Harder Than Working & Stay-at-Home Moms. Combined.

It dawns on me as I'm packing today that this is the third time I'm going to be traveling in two months. That means I've got the airport security thing down pat, never struggling to remember what, precisely, the new and improved TSA will not let me carry on board, but it strikes me as a little odd. I'd never thought of myself as a "working mom," and here I am.


I'd like to pretend that my kids miss me when I'm gone on a business trip, if only to feel important for a second, but it's not true. Generally, they have more fun without me there. Which does, of course, ease my mind about leaving them every couple of weeks.



Certainly, I'm not an employee of any company but my own, and I can generally wear pajama pants all day long -- one of the few perks of being a freelance writer. But I'm now someone who works. My children are in preschool (the oldest is in regular school), and I sit at home on my computer all day. Working. 

Considering I'm a registered nurse turned freelance writer turned leader of a non-profit, I find this all a bit weird. I'd always planned on going back to work when the kids were old enough, but I'd never been able to pinpoint precisely what it is I would do. See, while I am a nurse, I only became one to support my son through my single motherhood days. It, like so many professions, is a calling. And not one that called to me. Ever.

(Shout-out to my nurse friends!)

So I quit. I've spent a good long time looking for my next thing. Writing, like anything else in my life, was something I happily happened upon and ascertained that I really, really liked it.

But since writing and non-profiting are a 24-hour kinda gig, I'm stuck between two worlds. On the one hand, I don't have a boss to report to, but on the other, I am the boss. Which means that when something comes up at the last minute, I'm stuck juggling three kids and trying to meet a deadline or fix something that needs to be fixed and do it NOW.

So I suppose I'm a hybrid of a working mom and a stay-at-home-mom, and I think we should get our own acronym. Something flashy like WSAHM. Or SAHMW. Whatever rolls off the tongue. For now, I'll call it "Walking the Line," which has a Johnny Cash sorta feel to it.

I know there's some Mom War about Working vs. Stay-at-Home Parent, which is, of course, fairly silly, because we're all parents. And being a parent, no matter WHAT you do, is hard work.

And while I'm trying to make dinner, stave off some emergency on my non-profit site, while washing hair, I'll keep on walking the line.


Are you a working mom? Stay-at-home mom? Mom juggling both?

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