Confident Toddler's 'Poop' Announcement Is Worthy of Applause! (VIDEO)

toddler announces she's poopingSure, kids say the darndest things, but sometimes, they're just speaking the truth. We think it's hilarious, because all too often, their version of tellin' it like it is is something we'd never utter as adults in a million years. Take, err, bodily functions. Sometimes they'll flat-out announce what's going on -- even if it's a regular ol' bowel movement -- because they figure, "Hey, this is what's happening right now, why shouldn't I express that?" Kinda makes you wonder -- yeah, why not?! Sometimes, you just gotta cut to the chase, you know?

In this video, little Mary does just that in front of her mama and big bro, Sean.


Check it out:

Ha! She's so cool as a cucumber, this little girl, huh? To her, going numba two is just part of hanging out, enjoying a summer day. Gotta give her props for her total lack of inhibition. In a way, we adults should envy that!

It's also so random and kinda hilarious how no one says anything or laughs at Mary's admission! But maybe that's the point. It's no big deal, and she shouldn't be embarrassed by it. Sure, we don't want our kids walking around telling everyone they're pooping or peeing constantly, because that's something we want them to eventually deal with privately, independently, behind a bathroom door. But at the same time, it's good to encourage them to feel comfortable vocalizing when it comes to the call of nature. After all, confidence in that department is a big key with potty training!

Did you get a kick out of Mary's confession?


Image via YouTube

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