My Son Isn't Allowed to Be Naked

naked toddlers
As naked as he gets
Oh, the double standard going on in our home. I was the mother of a happy naked toddler girl and am now a censoring mom of a boy who barely has the chance to let his naked freak flag fly. And I'm not exactly sure how I got here.

I was the mom who encouraged naked dancing every night after my daughter's bath. I have beautiful, artsy photos of her as a naked, wild-haired 2-year-old that I'll always treasure. I was, in fact, told by a puritanical relative at one point that my daughter "should really put some clothes on." Not that I did it, but I was scolded for having one very naked toddler hanging about my house. Which is ridiculous.

Yet my little dude's nakedness is somehow intimidating. In fact, that boy is always dressed.

I think I know why.


It's the peeing. With my girl, it was easy to tell if she was about to drop and pee on the rug. I could also swoop in and put her on the potty, or at least an area that wouldn't be too messed up by human waste. This whole peeing with an appendage that can wildly spray anywhere has made me conservative. Also, it can go off at any moment, with no warning. And even if he has just peed, that is no guarantee that he won't pee again, and soon. Especially if I think, "Hey, he doesn't need a diaper, he just peed!" That one likes to be unpredictable. So I must embrace the double standard and be a total sexist surrounding the nakedness of toddlers for the sake of my dry cleaning and carpet cleaning bills.

Still, I'm a big believer in the toddler enjoying his naked self, as the air whizzes by his skin as he runs in crazy circles around the living room. I'm thinking we'll just have to potty train him first.

Do you let your toddlers run around naked?

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