A Mom Commune Sounds Ideal if You're Raising Your Kids Solo

cupcakeAs both a child of a single mother AND the '80s, I totally dug the sitcom Kate & Allie. Seemed like an awesome set-up to me. The kids were insta-siblings, the moms got pseudo-spouses (but kinda better, since they were living with their best friends -- fun!). So it makes complete and perfect sense to me that more and more single moms are doing the "shared housing" thing, or, as it's more colorfully known, a mommune (mom commune, get it?).

See, I'm a single mom myself now. But I've never lived as the sole adult in the house (like, just me and my two kids) for more than a few months at a time, and there's a reason for that ... it's really freaking hard.


The funny part is, it's usually the little things that make you grateful another grown-up is around. I remember the night last year when it was well after dinner by the time I sat down to look through my son's kindergarten folder; in fact, he was already sleeping. That's when I saw the note from his teacher: The next day a classmate would be bringing in birthday cupcakes and, as per the school's policy, my peanut-allergic son wouldn't be allowed to have one (just in case). Could I please send in a peanut-free treat so he wouldn't feel left out?

I felt like crying. How was I supposed to go out and get a nut-free cupcake now? I couldn't very well leave my sleeping 5-year-old in the care of his 9-year-old sister and go to the store. Nor did I want to wake up my son. Thank god for my then-roommate (also a super-close friend), who happened to be at the gym. All it took was a text message, and she showed up an hour later with the biggest, fanciest cupcake -- I mean it had a frosting lion on top -- I've ever seen.

Before you become a single mom, you think it's going to be things like plumbing issues and blown fuses and dark nights that will be tough to handle when you're tired from working and outnumbered by kids and nobody else is around. And that stuff does suck. But not as much as stuff like cupcake oversights and not having somebody to talk to in the kitchen when you're packing lunches and the kids are in bed.

So shared housing for single moms? Kate & Allie had the right idea.

Are you a single mom? Do you share your house with any other adults?


Image via Eva Blue/Flickr

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