You'll Be Amazed At What's Inside These Little Girls' Purses (PHOTOS)

selena purseDo you ever walk around the mall and take note of all the little girls carrying purses? I mean little girls. Girls too young to need it for tampons. Girls who can't even see over the steering wheel, never mind qualifying for a license for that wallet. What could they possibly need to carry that thing EVERYWHERE for?

In the name of science and on behalf of puzzled parents everywhere, The Stir has decided to find out. We have gone where no man has gone before. Or at least no mom who doesn't want to hear her daughter whine that you're the meanest mom ever for messing with her stuff. Yes, we took a dive into the purses of five little girls ages 6 through 10. And you'll never believe what we found:



Isabel, 10, shared the goodies she carries when she's out on the town. Looks like she's never without a pack of gum or a pen -- which have sat in every purse I've owned for as long as I can remember. But it's the makeup that makes it pretty clear this is an older girl's purse. Since she's only allowed to try out some clear gloss and mascara, she keeps it on hand ... just in case.

M purse

M, 6-year-old daughter of blogger This Mama Loves Her Bargains, evidently believes in the saying that more is more. She's got five, count 'em, five different lip balms! And enough bracelets to open a factory. Wonder if her mama got a bargain?

Katherine purse

Katherine, 9, said she's not a purse kind of girl, but when we asked to take a look, we found out her spangly bag hides more than she was letting on. Hand sanitizer (which her mom reports goes EVERYWHERE with her), gum, and is that a lifesaver? Looks like the bottom of most Mom bags I've seen!

Gabby purse

Gabby, 7, made me write a note to myself thanks to the peek in her bag: bypass couch cushions next time I need change for the car wash. Go directly to daughter's bag! I love the stuffed animals she manages to stuff in there. Who doesn't need a friend wherever they go?

Julieanne purse

Julianne, 8 1/2, has a bag that's after my own heart. Try as I might to limit what I carry, stuff finds its way in there, I swear! Between the Monopoly money (who says kids aren't rich), a deodorant (no stinky kid here), a half dozen erasers, and all those toys, this kid could outfit a small daycare. 

So now you know! Was this what you expected to see? Have you taken a peek in a little girl's purse?

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