6 Kids Halloween Costumes Too Crazy to Be Real (But They Are)

Jersey Shore kid's costumeIt's that time of year again, when everything moves at hyperspeed. It feels like the kids have just gone back to school when they're hitting you up with their ideas for the coolest Halloween costume ever. My kid isn't even back to school yet, and we've heard everything from "I want to be Princess Tiana" to "I want to be a cupcake." At least she's stuck to sane choices . . . so far.

But I'm not letting her get hold of a Halloween costume catalog any time soon. I know complaining about slutty the fare for kids is getting has become almost cliched, but it's hard out there for a parent who cares. True Blood for kids? Jersey Shore for kids? Really? 

Dozens of the kids costumes for Halloween are decidedly NOT kid friendly. None of these costumes should have been made . . . at least not in child-size!


Can you believe the stuff they come out with for kids these days? Would you let your kids wear any of these costumes?


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