Even Good Moms Have Been Known to ‘Torture’ the Kids

This is brilliant!

When we asked moms on Twitter to tell us reasons their kids might try to sue them later in life, I knew we'd get some good stuff. However, I had no idea we'd get such genius undercover parenting tips and techniques as well. Seriously, you moms are super-smart secret agents of harmless child torture and manipulation, and I'm totally using some of this stuff. A little well-played parental "torture" is necessary for every good childhood.

Lots of moms shared ideas for their kids' future lawsuits under the #SoSueMeKid hashtag. Here are some of the funniest responses we received from mom readers.


Brilliant Parental Coping Tools


Stephanie Walulik

sjw544 Stephanie Walulik
I tell you every female singer on the radio is Katy Perry so I DON'T have to listen to her every gosh darn second #sosuemekid


Cynthia Dermody

whimsydancer Cynthia Dermody
#SoSueMeKid for messing with your clock so you thought it was an hour later and time to go to bed.



MercedesPage MercedesPage
Facebook is basically your baby book. #SoSueMeKid


Theresa Juniper

thejuniper1 Theresa Juniper
I changed your bedtime. #SoSueMeKid


Awesome Techniques in Harmless Kid Humiliation and Torture

Melissa Garrison

melissagarrison Melissa Garrison
I used to dress you up as a Spice Girl (you were baby spice)! Then make you perform when friends came over #SoSueMeKid


Jennifer Aten

sweetpea810 Jennifer Aten
I fed you dinner from the 76 gas station because we were in a hurry #SoSueMeKid



I recorded you singing Justin Bieber in the shower #SoSueMeKid.



JeanneSager jeannesager
I have a picture of your cute naked butt on the living room wall because you stripped down to help Dad wash the car at 1 1/2. #SoSueMeKid



rachelkarhnak rachelkarhnak
I'll never stop kissing/hugging you in front of ALL your friends at school #SoSueMeKid


What They Don't Know Can't Hurt Them

The Stir

The_Stir The Stir
I ate all the brownies and blamed ants #SoSueMeKid.


Michele Zipp

LikeKilled Michele Zipp
Oops, I have fed my kids food that fell on the floor. #SoSueMeKid


Sheri Reed

todayispretty Sheri Reed
i still watch you sleep sometimes. in awe. #SoSueMeKid


Tough Love at Its Best


onlee1melissa Melissa
I wont apologize for making you a responsible adult by making you do chores. #sosuemekid


Faith Daniels

LittleBitoFaith Faith Daniels
U may not like me son for telling U ladies 1st holding the doors for people saying please & thank U but some day you'll thank me #SoSueMeKid


Heather Titus

HeatherTitus Heather Titus
You can't get away w/a thing because I was a rebellious teen & know all the tricks & sneaks. Yes, I do know what your thinking #SoSueMeKid


Amy Boshnack

aboshnack Amy Boshnack
My kid might sue me for force feeding her broccoli #SoSueMeKid


The Stir

The_Stir The Stir
Wheat bread reigns supreme in our house. #SoSueMeKid


To play along on Twitter, tweet one reason your kid might sue you someday and tag it with #SoSueMeKid -- or simply share your ideas right here in the comments below. We moms need all the help we can get, right? So share away! You never know. It might become my next best parenting secret weapon.

What's your kid going to sue you for later?


Image via Twitter

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