10 Reasons TV Is the Best Parenting Invention Ever

Television may be my favorite parenting invention ever. 

Now, don't all go freaking out on me -- I'm not saying my kids are glued to it 24/7. Not even close. But, for the hour or so a day when they are? It's dreamy. I can actually shower in peace. Take a phone call and be able to hear the person on the other end. Sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. All thanks to that mesmerizing little black box. Need more reason to love TV?

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1. You don't have to pay it by the hour. Sitters add up fast, but the TV is free! (Well, aside from your cable bill.)

2. It has the power to save long car rides. I mean, seriously, how did we survive long car rides before?

3. It's educational! No, really. I couldn't figure out where Lily was picking up Spanish when she was two until I made the connection between her pre-nap Nickelodeon show. Gracias, Dora!

4. It bonds kids. When playdates get old or siblings bicker, it's the perfect quiet time break, with them all cuddled together chomping on popcorn.

5. It can be used for bribery. Nothing gets my kids in line like threatening to take away their evening show.

6. It keeps children quiet. A tad glazed, but quiet nonetheless.

7. It keeps children out of trouble. If they're glued to the TV, they aren't scaling kitchen counters or rummaging through the pantry.

8. It makes them happy. No matter how much the Wiggles may creep me out, if they make my kid laugh, that's enough for me.

9. It's always available. Aside from power outages, of course.

10. It allows you to use the bathroom alone. Priceless.

Image courtesy of Scary Mommy

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