All Men Secretly Fear Pregnant Zombies (VIDEO)

My new favorite video and song are by an electronic funk duo called Chromeo for their single "When the Night Falls," but it's in the video where the true magic happens. The short video features two modern-day Lotharios who finally learn how to be good men and, yes, even good fathers to boot.

And while the pregnant zombies and the suddenly pregnant succession of one-night stands might seem silly, the message is actually quite deep. The main singer starts off as a womanizing carefree dude screwing all the ladies he can find and ignoring the consequences.

Time passes, he is attacked by pregnant zombies, and boom! He becomes a loving dad. See for yourself:


OK, so it's silly, but the message actually isn't. Men are scared during pregnancy and they have a lot of feelings around it, too. Sometimes it seems like those are ignored in our culture. Dad is always expected to "man up" and "step up to the plate" even when he has mixed feelings of his own, even under the best of circumstances.

It's happening in our bodies, so it's easier and faster for us to get to a comfortable place with the idea, but if the guy isn't right there with us, we cry foul. It's really unfair. So if he sees us as a pregnant zombie full of expectation, we see him as an uncaring deadbeat who will let us down.

Sounds awesome, right? The thing is, having babies is scary. Almost as scary as pregnant zombies. So we all try our best and we try to emotionally cope and sometimes we rock and sometimes we don't. We need to be a little more forgiving and understand that both men and women have feelings about baby-making. 

Believe me, I am as surprised as you are that I got all that from a pop music video, but I did. You're welcome.

Do you think men get a fair shake in baby making?


Image via YouTube

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