Toddlers With Bruises Make Moms Look Bad

toddler bruiseAs you probably read right here on The Stir, a random pic of Christina Aguilera carrying her 3-year-old son Max through an airport inspired quite the celebrity mom witch hunt today. Why? Well, Max was sporting some gnarly bruises on his face. You know, probably because, as I mentioned, he's 3 years old.

I feel for Xtina, because I've had a couple of 3-year-old kids of my own -- perhaps you have, too? Perhaps you even have a child that age in your possession right now. If so, you probably had the same reaction I did to Max's tell-tale double shiner ...

Aha! Kid did a face-plant

Unfortunately, that's not everybody's first thought.


You know what I'm talking about, right? My daughter looked just like Max (worse, actually) after face-planting into a gravel path while chasing her cousin when we were on vacation in Mexico. Classic.

It's enough of a bummer when your kid gets hurt. The last thing I needed, or Aguilera needs, or any other mom for that matter, is suspicious glares from strangers.

Like, are you kidding?? Your child is screaming and swollen/bruised/bloody, it's all you can do to keep her calm so you can figure out if any body parts are broken or dislodged, and now people you've never even met are giving you the hairy eyeball: That beastly mother pushed her own child off the jungle gym!!

The best part is, you'll get those dirty looks for as long as it takes your kid's bruises to fade. Which makes going to the grocery store or the post office or the park feel about as intense as going on trial.

Meanwhile, the bruises on kids who are actually enduring horrific abuse at the hands of their parents somehow go unnoticed ... until we find their bodies in rivers, or dumpsters, or buried in the woods.

Something's wrong, wrong, WRONG with this picture.

Have you ever gotten a suspicious look because of your kid's injury?


Image via QFamily/Flickr

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