SAHMs Have Good Reason for Depression

stay at home moms depressed
I'm happy, dammit
Guess what, ladies? There's another study out that says you are not happy. It's totally true. And if you're a stay-at-home mom, you're really unhappy. But don't worry, you're not the saddest sacks at the playground. Even though your working mom sisters come out on top in this happiness study, the least happy of the bunch are those Supermoms. So, working moms are the least depressed, and stay-at-home moms are in the middle, and Supermoms seem to be the combination of the two.

Basically, working moms who try to be everything are a wreck. Even more so than stay-at-home moms who question if they're making the right decision, and are (potentially) cut off from the rest of society. Because Supermoms aren't happy, they just run everything and probably make more money than you. The description of a Supermom in this piece is someone who will "believe that home and office can be seamlessly juggled." Which really means delusional women are unhappy, right? 


There was a phrase going around Twitter yesterday about raising children: The days are long, but the years are short. Which is something I try my damnedest to remember when I'm typing and my daughter is asking me what is certainly an incredibly unimportant question about Ponyo. My patience is wearing thin, but I still remember that someday she'll be watching Ponyo with her college roommates, probably while under the influence, and talking about how trippy this movie is, and she can't believe she hasn't seen it since she was a kid. Mom will be the last person on her mind.

And there it is; perspective on your situation. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try and make things work better for you and your family. It does mean that different scenarios make different moms happy in different ways. And if we all try to find what makes it work for us, instead of wishing we were in the "happy" group, maybe our choices will stop being compared in studies.

Are you happy?


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