Twin Toddlers Make Up Best Dance to 'Kung Fu Fighting' (VIDEO)

twin toddlersYou know what's awesome? Twin toddlers. You know what else is awesome? The song "Kung Fu Fighting." So, of course this adorable video of twin toddlers dancing to "Kung Fu Fighting" is doubly awesome!

Justin and Jeremy (the twins) have skills, guys. They're not just like, "Oh, we're cute little boys and we're going to shake our tiny booties to make you smile." They're, like, choreographed good. But not in a weird, precocious way. Just ... watch the video for yourself.


Are you not dying? So cute! Personally, my favorite move is at around 55 seconds. I probably watched that part seven times (and maybe tried it once). Just another hard day at the office. Don't be jealous.

General adorableness aside, I think I heart this video so much because it seriously reminds me of my twin neighbors growing up, Jennifer and Jordana. See, like Jeremy and Justin, Jennifer, Jordana, and I used to constantly make up dances (Electric Youth, anybody?) and force our poor parents to watch them. Over and over again. But unlike Jeremy and Justin, we sucked. And there's video evidence to prove it. You would have to pry that video out of my cold, dead hands right now, but at the time, I thought we were awesome. And that makes me a little bit sad.

I wish I could do stuff like that now -- dance around like a lunatic (with facepaint; yes, there was facepaint) and not give an eff. At 32, I'm all self-conscious when I shake it, afraid that someone is going to be making fun of me.

So, next time I go out, I'm going to watch this adorably uplifting video beforehand. Because it'll put a smile on my face, remind me not to care, and hopefully teach me that move at 55 seconds!

How cute are these guys?


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