Talented Toddler Eats Ice Cream in His Sleep (VIDEO)

sleeping boy eats ice creamIce cream is addictive no doubt. I'd give up a lot (including dinner) just for a bowl of the sweet creamy treat and would be prone to fight you off if you tried to steal it from me (just ask my brother). I've never, however, been quite as determined as the kid in this video to keep eating it no matter what.

He's exhausted and pretty much completely asleep. But the power to keep eating that ice cream is too strong for him to completely give in to The Sandman. Watch.


It's like a dream come true, only he can't quite keep that cone up there long enough to get a good bite. I hope someone gave him another one when he woke up.

Kids are so funny when they're trying to fight sleep. Some get hyper (my son), while others can fall asleep anytime, anyplace. I've had friends whose kids have fallen asleep everywhere from on the toilet to at the dinner table to in the middle of the playground. Sometimes there's just too much for toddlers to explore (and eat!) in life to be bothered with sleep, but eventually, it always winds up winning out in the end.

What funny things have your kids done while sleeping or fighting sleep?

Image via YouTube

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