My Toddler is My Best Friend

kid best friend
My Buddy
At least according to him, anyway. Personally, I tell my husband he's my best friend, and I do believe that to be true. And if I started considering my other best friends, there are some ladies my own age I'd think of before a two-and-a-half-year-old dude. Still, when that little guy tells me, "You're my best friend, mommy," I believe. 

I picture him growing up and we make regular lunch dates at the Farmer's Market. We talk politics, and he asks my advice on every major life decision he ever makes. I'm his "go to" in good times and in bad. He pretty much relies on me for everything, as I'm the most important person in his life.

And then I realize that this is basically the fastest way to completely screw up my son, and make him totally undateable in the future.


The fact is, we should be parents, not friends. If you treat your child as an equal, you lose all authority and put your child in a very difficult position. Kids need someone to look up to, and consider as a role model. Their BFFs are not right for this part, yet parents totally are. You can't be both. No matter how cool it is to think that you can create your own best friends.

We all want our kids to think we are everything, but we can't be. We can offer them support, love, and a good example. But the minute we start thinking of our children as peers, they'll start looking to other people for life lessons. Maybe that weird-o who works at the gas station. Do you want that?

So no matter how much I encourage my toddler to continue saying I'm his best friend -- I know I can't ever fill that role. But I'll enjoy it until he realizes that reality as well.

Do you try to be friends with your child?

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