7 Reasons Not to Buy Your Toddler a Puppy

toddler puppy
My toddler & my puppy
Puppies and toddlers, toddlers and puppies. They make for some cute YouTube, don't they? But really, there are more downsides to buying a puppy for your little one than up. Which may be why this couple in St. Paul, Minnesota decided to just steal a Boxer puppy right out from under the Petland employees, with their 3-year-old in tow.

Yes. A couple stole a puppy and tried to get away with the puppy, while caring for their toddler. Takes the cake, doesn't it? Maybe they realized that spending $900 on a dog while they were trying to raise a child didn't make a whole lot of sense. Or maybe they are just really horrible parents. And clearly not the brightest pennies in the jar since they were caught because they left their car keys in the store. So many bad examples for their child. Where to start?

Still, they were right on in not wanting to buy a puppy. You know why? I'll tell you.

  1. Puppies Tear Shit Up
  2. Puppies Poop in Your Shoe
  3. Puppies Only Smell Good for About Six Months
  4. Puppies Have to Teethe On Something & It Will Probably Be Your Toddler
  5. Puppies Are Not Too Bright
  6. Puppies Turn Into Farting Dogs
  7. Puppies' Vet Bills Will Send You to the Poor House

Seriously, don't get a puppy. At least not until you've paid off your child's college tuition bill. Oh, and don't forget about this possibility: Bad Puppies.

Did I just help change your mind about buying a puppy? You're welcome.

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