Military Moms-to-Be Give Me Perspective on Motherhood

military moms operation showerWhenever I get cranky about my husband getting home late from work (which is like, daily), I'd be doing myself and everyone around me a huge favor by remembering what I learned last week at BlogHer from my friend and expert party organizer who pulls together Operation Shower. Which is, buck up lady, the father of your children is not getting shot at on a regular basis

Operation Shower, for those of you not familiar, is a non-profit organization that throws baby showers for future parents who are dealing with military deployment as well as bringing a new baby into the world. It's an incredible gift to help out these women who are facing a lonely entree into motherhood and need all the support they can get. 

So instead of moaning about traffic in LA that delays my husband's arrival and help with bath time, here's what I can do to help the next time I'm feeling sorry for myself.



Whether it's time or money, you can help these military wives out by giving of yourself. One way is spreading awareness through your blog. Like I just did, right there! See that? You can do it too. Cash is welcome too, naturally.

Buy Stuff & Tweet

I was lucky enough to tag along with the Operation Shower lady at the Disney Baby event at BlogHer where they're donating care packages of these super cute bodysuits. The more mentions of Disney Baby, the more donations for Operation Shower.

Thank a Military Mom

Military wives really know what it's like to feel the whole burden of child care themselves. Especially when these ladies are with child, and their partner is deployed. Not exactly the position I'd like to be in, yet these women soldier through every day of the year. They're serving our country too, so let's give a big thanks to all those ladies on the home front. Huzzah!

Are you a military mom or mom-to-be?


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