Two Kids Are Worse Than One

tea at the plazaAs a major supporter of bringing babies with you wherever the heck you need to go (although not into the hot tub, the adult bookstore, nor skydiving), I was shocked to have a major reversal of kid-friendliness just this morning. You see, while my baby could go anywhere with me, now that she's older, I've decided to ban my daughter from restaurants. But not just her, her plus-one. As in, she's never allowed to go out to eat with another young person in my presence, ever, ever again.

This same girl who enjoyed tea at the Plaza with me a little over a year ago can no longer frequent even places that offer up paper placemats with cartoon mice and free crayons. Not if she's accompanied by anyone else under the age of 8. Because she goes bat-shit crazy when allowed in public with another kid. And I don't want to get reprimanded by a waitress ever again.


I've flown across the country, dined in white tablecloth establishments, and had business phone calls in my daughter's presence. Most of the time, that kid can hang. But let her surround herself with friends, and a switch goes off. It's like she can no longer hear my adamant "Nos" even in my super stern mommy voice. She loses the ability to put her butt into a chair and keep her voice at a normal level. My sweet gal is suddenly that child, and other patrons seriously say, "Where are her parents?" (Note, I've always been on the other end of that question, and when reversed, it feels as bad as you think it does.)

So, sorry kiddo. No more public play dates. No more dining out with friends unless the drive-through counts. You are grounded, my girl. Until you learn what "indoor voice" means once again.

Do you take your kids and their friends out in public?

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