Mom-cations Not as Awesome As They Sound

missing kids while having fun
I Miss You Guys
It's been an intense summer, between a move, summer vacation with kids while trying to work, and general sweatiness. Which is why I was so incredibly stoked to head to BlogHer11 in San Diego for a long weekend with no house issues, no responsibilities, and no kids begging me to watch "just one more show." My plans for my fabulous mom time away, in order of importance: sleep, gossip, parties. Hooray!

Which is why I was as surprised as anyone when I was taking one last look-around as I strolled out the front door at what happened next. There were kid books, shoes, crayons, ripped up pieces of something scattered all around the house. (Side note: sorry to the husband, as I was running late and already in "not my problem" mode). And the sight of these items belonging to my little girl and boy actually made me cry.


I miss those messy, crazy, rugrats. I missed them the second I walked out the door. The truth is, there's no one I would rather spend time with than my husband and my two kids. Even if it's in a hotel overlooking a beautiful harbor and there's more swag than you can poke a stick at just waiting for you downstairs. I know! Why can't moms just relax and enjoy the break?

Instead I keep picturing our next family vacation in the lovely beach community. My kids would love the pool, and maybe by the time we got it together I could actually take them both to a restaurant on 5th Avenue, without worrying about the little one getting us kicked out. I know that's not realistic, he'll totally get us kicked out. But my fantasy includes my kids being perfectly behaved and not leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

And this is the problem. When I'm trying to finish just one more email, and my kids are jumping off the couch, aimed at the fireplace, I fantasize about being alone with my thoughts . . . and maybe my laptop. And now that I am not only alone in my hotel room, with tons of fun business and lovely ladies in the conference rooms right below me, I'm fantasizing about when I get to see them again on Sunday.

I realize these are two wonderful parts of my life, and I'm lucky to experience both. But that kind of logic doesn't fly when I don't get to kiss my son and daughter good night, and my heart hurts. Maybe happy hour by the pool will help the pain.

Do you love, or hate, traveling without your kids?

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