Working From Home Can Make You a Bad Mom

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What Do We Do Now, Mom?
Summer fun days are over. As the pre-school's extended year comes to a close, it's now all about spending the next month with the kiddos. Which, in theory, is awesome. I miss those guys and love the idea of hanging out in the yard with my little balls of fun, splashing in the blow-up pool, walking down the hill for ice cream.

Of course this fantasy requires that I don't have a job. So even though I'm stoked to see more of the little buggers, it's a balancing act that I really have not mastered, and am not sure if anyone really can. Unless you're a Real Housewife, when it's your job to pretend to be parenting.

Yet, I have come up with these five really fab solutions to your working at home/mom'ing at home dilemma. Try one, and you'll be as haggard as me!


1. "Fun" Chores

Although you'll regret this later, asking your kids to create a winter wonderland by shredding your magazines all over the house will keep them occupied for minutes. Worth it? Well, that depends on your vacuum cleaner.

2. Ignore Them & They'll Go Away

Okay, this one is totally NOT true. But if you keep thinking it while trying to focus on your current task at hand, you'll be angry enough to block out the kid noise. An incredible help for efficiency and a foolproof way to stop procrastinating!

3. Candy

Want to get your kids to focus? Give them candy. There's no way this one doesn't work. Warning: This should only be used as a short-term solution. As in, before the sugar high kicks in.

4. Makeovers

As long as you're willing to sacrifice your lipstick and scrub your bathroom mirror for half an hour, busting out the makeup and telling everyone to "get pretty" could give you up to an hour.

5. Television

TV is your friend. Movies are your friend that sticks around long enough to actually make a difference. Professional tip: Never underestimate the special features on DVDs. Did you know there's a sing-along option on Annie? I'm listening to the harmonizing of "Tomorrow" right now.

How do you balance working at home when the kids are home too?

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