The 5 Most Dreaded Places to Take My Children

kids on beachThere are many places I love going with my kids: Lakes, petting farms, and museums come to mind. We spend hours exploring and laughing and just plain enjoying ourselves. It's all so picture-perfect and idyllic, in a Mother of the Year type of way.

And then, there are the places I despise going with my children. The places which I dread heading to. The places that make me want to stick a fork in my eye and never leave the house again. Here are my top 5 most dreaded places to take my children.


1. The Grocery Store. Is there anything worse than bringing three children to the grocery store? I'd argue not. Shouts of "I want this" and "Ohhhh get me that!" and "We never get that cereal!" float around my head as the cart rams into poor passersby. It's impossible to get in and out in under an hour.

But, OK, maybe there is one place worse...

2. Target. Now, I love me some Target, but it's just sensory overload for them. Who can blame them? There's something they need to have around any corner -- the toys! The food! The music! The movies! The crafts! It's like heaven. And, the Dollar Spot really adds up when you buy 20 items from there. Trust me.

3. The Park. I love the idea of the park, but it's just a broken bone waiting to happen. If you're my son, at least. Plus, most times, they just want to sit on the swing and have me push them, which really isn't my idea of a good time.

4. The Library. I know, I know, it's the library for crying out loud -- it's made for kids. But, with little ones, I find it nothing but stressful. "Be quiet! Don't rip the book! Don't run! Shhhhhhh!" And then keeping track of what we've taken out? Have they seen my house?

5. Indoor Play Areas. These are just breeding grounds for sickness. Is it a prerequisite for a child to have a nasty cough and snotty nose before entering? It certainly seems that way, and my kids love them. I'd be happy if I never entered one again.

Agree? Disagree?

Where do YOU hate going with your kids?

Image via Jill Smokler

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