10 Ways Moms Express Love to Their Children

There is never any doubt how much I love my children -- an insane, baffling, terrifying, indescribable amount. The majority of my days is spent planning, thinking, or doing things for them. They consume me. But, I wondered the other day if I actually show them how much I love them as often as I should. And the answer? Maybe not.

The love letters I write them now are meaningless and they could care less that the photo albums are all up to date. It's the little things that seem to mean the most to them -- the stolen hugs and solo date nights and special handshakes we share. I want to make an effort to show them more of those little moments, so I turned to my mommy friends to find out how they show their children love. Here are some that I'll be implementing ...


1. When I'm walking with my oldest, we hold hands and I squeeze hers three times. I. Love. You. She smiles and squeezes back. -- Dana, Feast After Famine

2. My son is now 9 years old, so there are those moments when I drop him off at school that I can no longer hug him because someone may see and, well, that would just ruin his entire life. Instead, we have a very complicated handshake/chest bump thing that takes about 30 minutes to complete, but seems to be far less embarrassing. -- Jacki, The Raven's Spell

3. I tell them the stories of their births. One of my kids "came from my heart and not my belly" and he loves to hear how he came to be part of our family. -- Mary, My 3 Little Birds

4. I leave love notes in their lunches with silly pictures. -- Lori, Mommyfriend

5. Before I leave for work in the morning, I pick out a favorite toy for each of the three. I leave it on their beds so when they wake up, they know mommy was thinking of them first thing. -- Ali, My Life With Them

6. I say something nice about them to someone while they can hear it. I love it when someone says something nice about me to someone else when I'm around, and I think they do too! -- Rebecca

7. My daughter and I go out for a mommy/daughter breakfast every Sunday morning:-) That's our special time together, even though she's always my little shopping, walking, and bike riding buddy! -- Lindsey,  No Smoking, No Drinking, N​o Sleep

8. I slip little notes under their pillows that they find when they wake up! -- Lisa

9. Every night, after we've read bedtime stories, turned out the lights, sung bedtime songs, had tickles & snuggles, and they're all tucked in, I ask my boys (4 & 6) what the best thing in their day was. It makes them think about something they're thankful for each day and reminds them their lives and thoughts are important to Mommy & Daddy. -- Fortuitous Housewife

10. When they talk to me, I stop whatever activity I am doing and turn my body and face towards them and I listen. I want them to know that their thoughts are important to me. -- Missy, Our Deals to Your Meals

How do YOU show your children love?

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