Off-Key But Adorable Toddler Spreads Hope With 'Keep Trying' (VIDEO)

singing toddlerClearly the adorable little girl in this video has a future as a motivational speaker or singer. I defy anyone having an epic fail of a day to watch her rendition of "Keep Trying" from Yo Gabba Gabba and not feel at least a tiny bit cheered up. (I kind of feel that way about Yo Gabba Gabba in general, to tell you the truth.)

There is just nothing cuter than a singing toddler, especially when she's belting out such inspirational words as "Don't stop, don't give up!" and "You'll get it right." Maybe everything will be okay, you find yourself thinking as you watch. A sweet little girl like that would never lie to me.


Yes, all singing toddlers are pretty dang sweet, but this one is so endearingly, persistently optimistic that I just want to eat her with a spoon. 

Or, a better idea: Someone should develop a "Keep Trying Toddler" app, so discouraged grown-ups could access her spunk on an as-needed basis.

Did this toddler's song brighten your day?


Image via YouTube

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