My Daughter Went On Vacation Without Me!

daughter on vacation without meI just got a call from my daughter. She's in beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara and got to pet a giraffe. She was on her way back to Grandma's house to swim in the pool and relax. Lucky kid, right? Meanwhile, I'm at home working on the couch next to my dog who has very bad breath. Something's not right about this scenario.

My girl just finished her last day of pre-school and is on a break. This means I have to find something for her to do, as both her father and I work for a living. Cue Grandma, who just happens to live in a gorgeous resort town that offers up Zoo Camp for kids. It's hard for me to stomach the fact that my tiny girl is actually living it up for a week while the rest of us are grinding away our Monday through Friday.

Because I want to pet a giraffe. But more importantly, I want my little girl back home with me.


Don't get me wrong, I know how amazing it is to have family members take responsibility for your child, especially when you have work to do. I certainly don't begrudge my sweet girl having a fantastic time at what must be one of the most amazing camps on earth. Also, she just learned the difference between a turtle and a tortoise! How cool is that?

But I miss her. It hurt my heart when we waved at her and her Grandmother and drove one-and-a-half hours back home. (Side note -- I can't imagine what I'm going to do when we drop her off at college.) We came home and had dinner and it was downright quiet. That is, until her little brother started cracking jokes and my husband and I looked at each other in astonishment. "He's hilarious, right?" We never knew. Because my 2-year-old Shecky Greene was always getting interrupted by his older sister.

This morning we all slept late and took our time getting everyone together. After all, pre-school is out and my son's day care doesn't have such a strict schedule. That little dude even hung out in his room "reading" his books, happily uninterrupted by his older sister's demands that they come jump on our bed. Interesting.

Still! I miss her like crazy. She's on vacation, and we're slogging away without her. I hope she has fun. And I really hope she brings me back a souvenir.

Has your child ever gone on vacation without you?

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