Why Doesn't My Kid Look Anything Like Me?!

kid doesn't look like me
Who Is This Kid?
My son is almost two-and-a-half so I'm pretty sure he's got his "real face" at this point. You know, as opposed to his baby look, or his toddler round face. I have to say, I barely recognize the kid. When he was a baby, he kind of looked like he didn't belong to us, too. His blond hair and blue eyes are in stark contrast to my husband and I who are both dark. But eventually he started to look a heck of a lot like his older sister. We've held onto that fact for the past few years, and when anyone asks who he looks like, we point to his sibling.

But now I'm thinking he doesn't look like anybody, and I'm wondering where the heck this kid came from.


While his sister also has the blue eyes that neither of her parents possess, you could hold up my baby picture next to hers and be hard-pressed to tell the difference. The boy, not so much. Of course I really expected that he would look more like his father, because I'm completely irrational and just assume boys look like boys and girls look like girls. Yes, I know there are five million examples of the opposite being true.

It's not that the kid has to look just like us, it's just somewhat confounding. I realize that at times, I'm more sympathetic to my daughter when she rudely declares her dislike of someone else's cooking -- because I see myself in her, and know I did the same thing at her age. I wonder if I saw myself in my son, I wouldn't be more apt to forgive his middle of the night demands for more water. (Hey, I get thirsty too!)

For now I just like to look at him slightly cock-eyed and see his father. His ears are definitely inherited from dad, and sometimes I can see his dad's smile plastered across his face. But he is his own man, and that, most likely is the real issue. It's hard going from "my baby" to realizing your child is 100% separate from you. And when it shows on his little face, there's no denying the reality that one day, it won't just be his hair color that separates him from the family.

Do your kids look like you?


Image via Maggie Storm

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