'Summer Rules' When You've Lost All Control

summer rulesIt occurred to me yesterday as I pulled away from the In 'N' Out drive-thru window, each of us in the car holding a milkshake, that this wasn't any ordinary day. My pre-schooler clearly agreed, as she then declared this "the best day EVER," since I also told her she could put on Nick Jr. when we got home. Of course, as a mom, this was absolutely not my best parenting day ever.

Things of this nature have been happening a lot lately. Rules have been bending, our usual schedule has gone all laissez-faire, and I'm realizing we're smack in the middle of summertime. We're on summer rules!

It's happened, now that my oldest has a school season (even if it's just pre-school), that we're in a whole other calendar way. School's out, and the rules are out. And I'm starting to get that other parents already knew about this alternate world of child-rearing that happens every year in July.

Here are the five rules of summer we're currently living by:

  1. Bedtime? Who needs a bedtime? Besides, 90 percent of the time they hit the sheets late, they let us sleep in a bit.
  2. Ice cream is a daily possibility.
  3. It's "Wear what you want day!" every day. Who cares if that's what you usually call "pajamas"?
  4. Too hot to play outside? Come cool yourself down in the soft light of the television.
  5. Mommy's work schedule? What's that? (Okay, this isn't the best summer rule to give up, admittedly. Yet is seemingly a side effect of numbers 1 to 4.)

What are your summer rules?


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