11 Things Teens Should Never Do Even if Their Mom Messed Up & Did It

Teen jumping off bridgeRemember when you were a teenager, and you couldn't figure out HOW your parents knew what you were up to? Welcome to parenting. You remember everything you did as a teenager. And you're not allowed to tie your child to a chair and stare at them 24/7 until they reach adulthood.

And you thought potty training was tough? Nothing holds a candle to sitting on the couch, thinking about all the screwed up things you did as a teenager while your kids are out of the house.


In honor of the fact that we're all in this together, I took a little trip down memory lane with my friends (maybe I should have titled this Mom and Dad, please don't read this?). Here's a fair look at 11 of the things we (not all of them are me swearsies!!) did, that my child is henceforth forbidden from doing:

Sharing Homework. It's all fun and games until the substitute teacher catches you.

Riding in Cars ... With Boys or Anyone Else Mom and Dad Told You to Avoid. OK, so I may or may not have once hidden in the crevice beneath the dashboard where the passenger's feet are supposed to go as we passed my dad on the road.

Playing Driving in England. One person drives the American way. One person drives the British way. You get the picture.

Stealing Road Cones. In our defense, we were in heavy traffic leaving the Woodstock site, and there was nothing ELSE to do. Besides, the construction crew just left it there. It looked lonely.

Smoking. One thing I never did (no really, it's called asthma), I'm close to the only one. I can count on one hand the number of friends who DIDN'T try the cancer sticks.

Got in the Car With a Drunk Driver. Sheesh, driving is a sticky wicket, isn't it? No matter WHAT the curfew is, I'd rather she break it than try to make it home this way. End of story.

Depend on Your Best Friend's Boyfriend to Be Your Ride Home. He may not be a drunk, but he'll be so busy sucking her face that you'll never make it home in time (also known as how I almost lost the right to go to prom).

Quarters. Not the form of money favored by the claw machine at the arcade. Wait, on second thought, yeah kid, that's exactly what it is. You keep thinking that, and we'll be good.

Liquor Sampling. You know how it is. Mom and Dad aren't home, the blueberry schnapps is calling your name. Come on, kids, if you wait until Mom and Dad do the responsible "have a taste of my wine," you'll get an entree into the world of top shelf liquor without having to taste the crap.

Sitting on the Roof While Drunk. The ground looks sooooo close from up there.

Jumping Off Bridges. Ditto.

What's the one thing you did as a teen that you most dread your kid doing?


Image via Shane Pope/Flickr

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