6-Year-Old Writes Most Adorable 'Harry Potter' Letter

harry potter I've often wondered what it would be like to watch the Harry Potter movies as a 6-year-old. Now I have an idea: A thousand times better than watching them as an adult. The proof? This terribly adorable, terribly sweet letter from a 6-year-old boy to Professor Dumbledore. Prepare to get choked up!

Spoiler Alert! Do not venture past this here jump if you're a Harry Potter fan who hasn't gotten around to seeing the movie yet. But, then, you've already probably read the book, so, really, does it matter?



harry potter letter

I mean, seriously? Is this not one of the cutest things you've ever seen? "I wish you are happy in wizard heaven." "Say hello to Dobby and Snape and Hedwig." Chills!

Beyond the overall adorableness of this letter, though, this reminds me how much the Harry Potter books -- and many other children's books (none quite like this, though) -- have touched kids. To us adults, they're something to get lost in; they're a (very enjoyable) respite from our everyday lives, a way to pass the time. Or if we have children, they're something to get excited for for our kids.

As "grown-ups," we read the books or watch the movies and forget about them a few days later. But for kids it's a completely different experience. To them, it's a world filled with people they've learned to love and care for, as well as something they carry with them more often than we realize.

This letter reminds me why Harry Potter is the crazy phenomenon it is. Because it's so much more than just a really good story.

How cute is this letter?

Images via montereypubliclibrary/Flickr and dearmrpotter.org

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