Stroller Standoff Gives Moms a Bad Name

strollersThe stroller wars are alive and well in Nova Scotia. Around the world moms earn the ire of others with their strollers getting in the way, but never has the fury escalated quite as far as it did recently -- there with an actual stroller standoff.

Six moms coming from a parenting class, towing six strollers and 12 kids between them, reportedly got into a confrontation with a Halifax Metro Transit bus driver. The driver told them they needed to move to the back of the bus to make room for other passengers or get off, but they refused (they also dispute they were asked to move to the back of the bus). Instead they folded up the handicapped seats, put their strollers there, and wouldn't budge. The standoff lasted at least an hour, causing all sorts of traffic problems. Finally police were called.


When police arrived, they didn't do much other than play with the kids. One mom told News 95.7: "They called them to try to get us off the bus, but they couldn't get us off the bus. One cop actually said, 'I'm not going to be the one to kick all these single mothers off the bus with all their kids.'"

In the end, the bus was taken off the road, and a transit department's supervisor ended up driving the women to their destination -- a nice touch by the department, who says no wrongdoing was done by the driver, but they're still investigating.

So are these women the Rosa Parks of stroller moms, or just a belligerent bunch making the rest of us look bad?

As I wasn't there, I'm not 100 percent sure, but it sounds like they could have been more cooperative. While being sent to the "back of the bus" may not be the first choice for some, if it accommodates more passengers, then it seems like it would have been the right thing to do instead of making such a big fuss.

While I'm a big defender of stroller rights, I also think we have to be courteous when using them and willing to make accommodations if we expect accommodations to made for them. These women and their refusal to budge just make the rest of us look bad.

What do you think of this stroller standoff?

Image via kevinpoh/Flickr

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