Why Do Kids Ask 'Why' So Much? WHY?!

kid teasing parentsI used to think that the word "no" would be the one that sent me over the edge. It almost sounds like a curse word at this point. It's not even so much the word. Nope, it's the intensity and conviction emanating from all 32 pounds of the timeout expert standing before me who really seems to think that she's going to get her way. It's always a battle of wills.

Which is why I was surprised at how everloving bonkers the word "why" drives me. Good googly moogly. I love my daughter's curiosity. I really do. I just wish I could cap it at 10 "whys" per day. I know she's smarter than she lets on. She has to be. She knows it drives me crazy.


Do you see what happened here? My pint-sized philosopher turned me into a conspiracy theorist!

"It's time to wake up baby!"


"Because it's time to get ready for school!"


"Because daddy has to go to work!"


"Because I said so!"


Now, a smart man would realize that arguing with a 2-year-old is moot. I never claimed to be that smart. But I can see the ambition welling up in her little voice. With every "why" comes a stronger affinity towards sadistic pleasure. She has to know that it's driving me nuts. Right?

I mean this kid scored a perfect "Making Good Progress" on her report card from day care. She knows. So why does she torture me so?! Her mother informed me that she does the same to her. How are we supposed to make it?

Oh, and she hit me with the combo of "Why? Umm ... NO!" the other day.


The most interesting part of the painful exchanges is that on occasion, she'll hit me with a well timed "why" that actually makes me question why I'm doing something. She's like a little ... spiritual buddha. Why AM I going to work? I don't know either. I don't enjoy my job. I like my coworkers but really I'd rather be doing something else and can't believe I've been doing this for so long. Hmm ... maybe I SHOULD ask myself this more often. Glory day and heavens to mergatroids!

By then I feel an arm pulling on me. Despite all of her existentialist wisdom, my daughter really just wanted to ask the question. She didn't want ME to really think about her questions. 

Funny that all I can usually muster in return is one simple word: why?

That circle of life is something else.

Does your kid say why a lot? How do you deal?


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